Weekly Announcement

1. Church Picnic: Churchwide picnic will be held on July 31, Saturday (11:00am-2:00pm) in Vasona Lake County Park. Sign-up has ended. Details will be sent to all participants.

2. Arise Sunday Night Gym: Arise will be playing badminton and basketball in the Irvington Community Center every Sunday from 7-9 pm. Please use the signup form in the church email to register for Sunday night games.

3. Youth Groups : Summer program has started. Registration is required. Please find the sign up form in church email. Check out the August programs here.

4. English Worship Services : We are worshipping together every Sunday on 2 platforms at 10:15am.
a) In-person worship services at church: Encourage you to come! Registration is no longer required.
b) Zoom online worship: Please click this Zoom link.

5. Youth and Children Worships : Youth and children worships will be held every Sunday at church. Parents, please use the sign-up form in the church email to register your children before Friday night. Youth coming to worship on Sunday will not require registration.

6. Newcomers and prayer request form : What can we be praying for you for? Let the pastor and the prayer team know on this form.

Updated on 7/29/2021