Covid-19 Benevolent Fund

Arise Church has established a Covid-19 Benevolent Fund to help active congregants of Arise Church in need. This Covid-19 Fund is a fund outside of our regular church budget, and is funded solely by donations designated to the Covid-19 Fund from the church congregation. This fund is intended to support congregation members experiencing substantial financial hardship due to Covid-19 pandemic, and to meet basic needs of essential expenditures.

For more information or to apply, please contact one of our pastors (Pastor Alan, Pastor Daniel, Pastor Kathy, Pastor Edmond) or Pastoral Assistant Irene Hung.

Church congregation members are encouraged to support this fund by contributing using our usual contribution channels (check, electronic) and indicate the contribution for “Covid-19 Benevolent Fund”. Please email our church finance team at to confirm the donation.

Church Giving Page – click here.

Email for any questions regarding this fund.