Alan Leung

Lead Pastor

The most memorable vacation was one my family took years ago to the 800 years old town of Lijiang in the Yunan Province of China. It was amazing because the local ethnic cultures and traditions from generations ago was still observed and practiced. If I can’t travel to ancient towns, I like to be comforted with a bowl of noodle soup, especially soups from southern Asia – the warmth of the broth, the intensity in the spices…comfort food to the max!


Daniel Tai

Pastor, English Ministry

I am a native of Southern California, so I walk faster than normal and am used to driving in traffic. My family enjoys traveling and looking for good eats. This combination has led us to plan all our vacations with where we are going to eat. When I am not spending time with family or with church, you can find me at a local park playing basketball, running and biking along the Alameda Creek or on Hearthstone catching a quick game.


Kathy Tse

Young Family Pastor

My family enjoys being with friends, so we love being with other families and camping has always been on top of the list. I can recall countless nights where we would look up at the twinkling stars, sipping our favorite cup of imported tea and just chatting away about everything. When I am not in vacation, studying or at church, I like to pamper myself with a bowl of homemade oxtail soup and watch my favorite Korean dramas.


Edmond Yeung

Pastoral Care Pastor

I was a weak and an ordinary man. I love to sleep and read, and love the nature. Because of Jesus, I break through my shyness, and embrace interacting with people. My life now is amazing and extraordinary. Thus, I love this following verse a lot: ‘Not by strength or by might, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of Hosts. ( ‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭4:6)‬ ‭

Irene Hung

Pastoral Assistant

A little fun fact about myself. I love Canada! Before coming to the U.S., it was my home away from home.  It is cold but clean. People are nice and you actually have white Christmases! But now, Fremont California with four seasons is my home!


Elsie Chan


My most cherished birthday was a few years ago. I celebrated both the Lunar Calendar and the Gregorian Calendar birthdays on the same day with my mom and family.  She passed away soon after that. I’ll never forget spending my special day with her.