Kingman Li

Chinese Ministry Pastor

In March 2023, I joined the staff team of Arise Church, responsible for the development of missions, pastoral care, training and other aspects of the Chinese Ministry. I had a Bachelor of Theology from the Divinity School in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I was a pastor in a Methodist Church in Hong Kong for 13 years focusing on workplace mission, urban transformation, pastoral care for young workers, pre-marital counseling, and hospice care. In 2021, my whole family moved to the United States while I studied Master of Biblical Studies at Christian Witness Theological Seminary. I like creativity and pleasant weather in the Bay Area. Enjoy coffee, thinking, reading, and chatting.


Edmond Yeung

Pastoral Care Pastor

I was a weak and an ordinary man. I love to sleep and read, and love the nature. Because of Jesus, I break through my shyness, and embrace interacting with people. My life now is amazing and extraordinary. Thus, I love this following verse a lot: ‘Not by strength or by might, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of Hosts. ( ‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭4:6)‬ ‭

Irene Hung

Pastoral Assistant

A little fun fact about myself. I love Canada! Before coming to the U.S., it was my home away from home.  It is cold but clean. People are nice and you actually have white Christmases! But now, Fremont California with four seasons is my home!


Elsie Chan


My most cherished birthday was a few years ago. I celebrated both the Lunar Calendar and the Gregorian Calendar birthdays on the same day with my mom and family.  She passed away soon after that. I’ll never forget spending my special day with her.